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Difference between Symbian3 and Android2.2 Platforms for Mobile Phones

Symbian 3 vs Android 2.2 Gingerbread
Symbian 3 and Android 2.2 (Gingerbread) are operating systems for mobile phones and handheld devices. Symbian is an open source platform developed by Nokia and it is mainly used in Nokia phones while Android is also an open source platform developed by software giant Google. Different versions of both the operating systems have been released and Symbian 3 and Android 2.2 or Froyo are one of them.
Symbian 3
Symbian 3 is the latest version of the Symbian mobile platform. A number of developments have been made ranging from architectural renewal in networking and graphics to advancements in the usability of the operating system. The user interface has been made faster than the previous versions. Now, it is easy to connect to the web browser. The radio and gaming has been improved too on this version of Symbian OS. The whole operating system is said to be better, simpler and faster.
The ‘single tap’ method has been applied to the touch interface and the users do not need to tap to select and then tap again for action. It is easier to navigate the user interface. The process of connecting to internet is also easier in this version as the platform-wide behavior can be configured easily by using new global settings.
The hardware acceleration has been fully utilized by the new graphics architecture which also helps in delivering responsive as well as faster user interface. With this architecture, new transitions and effects can be added to the user interface. The data networking architecture has also been modified so that different network aware applications can be handled easily.
The Home screen has also been improved in this new version. Now multiple pages of widgets can be used on the home screen and users can easily navigate between them with a gesture. Multiple widgets’ instances are supported by the Home screen of Symbian 3 platform.
Android 2.2
Andoid 2.2 or Froyo is the next upgrade to Android 2.1 or Éclair. It is developed by Google. Several new features have been added to this version of Android mobile operating system.
A new tips widget has been added to the OS that helps users in configuring their home screens with widgets and shortcuts in an efficient manner. Dedicated shortcuts for Browser, App launcher and Phone have been provided on the Home screen and users can access them from any one of the five Home screens.
Alpha-numeric or numeric pin password protection to unlock the device has also been added to the OS. This greatly helps in improving the security. Remote wipe has also been added through which the device can be reset remotely by Exchange administrators.
Exchange account can be easily setup and synced with the help of Auto discovery. Auto-complete feature have been provided into the email application which searches the global address lists. The gallery has also been improved as users can easily peek into the pictures using the zoom gesture.
Difference between Symbian 3 and Android 2.2
• Symbian 3 OS has been developed by Nokia while Android 2.2. has been developed by Google.
• Nokia N8 is the only phone that currently supports the Symbian 3 platform while Android 2.2 is available in most of today’s Smartphones.
• There is less number of applications based on Symbian 3 OS as compared to Android.
• The Symbian 3 OS supports three Home screens with six static slots on each screen whereas Android supports five Home screens with more dynamically fitting widgets.
• Android 2.2 has built-in support for Flash 10.1 and Wifi hotspot but it does not supports different video formats except the Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone whereas Symbian 3 has Nokia N8 that supports wide variety of video formats.

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