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Single-mode fibre selection for Optical Communication System.....

 This is collected from article written by Mr.Joe Botha
Looking for a single-mode (SM) fibre to light-upyour multi-terabit per second system? Probably not, but let’s say you were - the smart money is on your well-intended fibre sales rep instinctively flogging you ITU-T G.652D  fibre. Commonlyr…

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Comparing FWM-CPM-and-SPM non linearity in Optical Fiber in DWDM networks.

FEC-Forward Error Correction for Optics Professionals

What is Gridless Networking?

As the industry continues to push the boundaries of optical transmission speeds, the concept of “Gridless Networking” has emerged as a key requirement for tomorrow’s flexible and dynamic transport networks.  What is gridless networking?  Brian Lavallée, who heads up submarine networks industry marke…

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Evolution to flexible grid WDM

Evolution to flexible grid WDM

WDM networks operate by transmitting multiple wavelengths, or channels, over a fiber simultaneously. Each channel …

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Optical Switching Comprehensive Article

Gain: Input & output Photon relation...making it more simple.

What is a 30 dB gain means???Puzzled..Earlier I use to be the same  but its really simple to understand.It means:-For every input PHOTON there will be 1000 PHOTON's at output. That's what Gain is..              X dB is 10x/10You can verify the same wit…

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Optical Amplifiers..........its Payback or Trade-off.

Optical Amplifiers..........The Payback!!

Optical amplifiers alleviate that problem by amplifying all the channels together completely in the optical domain; therefore, optical amplifiers can enhance the transmission distance. So, does that mean that optical amplifiers can increase the amplifying …

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OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectomer)..Some Know-how!

How to Test a Fiber Optic System with an OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectomer)

>> The Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)

OTDR is connected to one end of any fiber optic system up to 250km in length. Within a few seconds, we are able to measure the overall loss, or the loss of any part of a syst…

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Four Wave Mixing (FWM) in WDM System...

Four Wave Mixing (FWM) in WDM System..

>> Nonlinear Effects in High Power, High Bit Rate Fiber Optic Communication Systems

When optical communication systems are operated at moderate power (a few milliwatts) and at bit rates up to about 2.5 Gb/s, they can be assumed as linear systems. However, at high…

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Optical modulation for High Baud Rate networks...40G/100G Speed Networks......

Optical modulation for High Baud Rate networks.... 40G/100G  Speed Networks......

>> What is Higher-Order Modulation Method?

A range of newly developed fundamental communications technologies must be employed in order to reliably transmit signals of 40/43 Gbps and even 100 Gbps in the near future usi…

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Optical Transport Network (OTN):A comprehensive study

Optical Transport Network (OTN) ITU-T Recommendations on the OTN Transport Plane The following table lists all of the known ITU-T Recommendations specifically related to the OTN Transport Plane. Topic Title Publ.* …

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Why Coherent Optical Technology

Way Towards OTN -Optical Transport Network

All digital Coding Techniques-Explained

Optical Fiber Communication ..Once More

Analog vs Digital Fiber Optic Transmission Comparison


Understanding Synchronization Protection Basics in Transmission Network


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