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Optical Transport Network (OTN):A comprehensive study

Optical Transport Network (OTN) ITU-T Recommendations on the OTN Transport Plane The following table lists all of the known ITU-T Recommendations specifically related to the OTN Transport Plane. Topic Title Publ.* …

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What Is Wavelength Selective Switch–WSS?


1. What Is a Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS)?

JDSU Wavelength Selective Switch WSS
WSS stands for Wavelength Selective Switch. WSS has become the central heart of modern DWDM reconfigurable Agile Optical Network (AOC).
WSS can dynamically route, blo…

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Optical Fiber Communications Books Collection...almost all best!!

Top 10 hackers in world

Hackers a group that consists of skilled computer enthusiasts. A black hat is a person who compromises the security of a computer system without permission from an authorized party, typically with malicious intent. The term white hat is used for a person who is ethically opposed to the abuse of com…

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IP Subnetting demystified

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