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dB:Make calculation more simpler

FEC-Forward Error Correction for Optics Professionals

Optical Switching Comprehensive Article

Gain: Input & output Photon relation...making it more simple.

What is a 30 dB gain means???Puzzled..Earlier I use to be the same  but its really simple to understand.It means:-For every input PHOTON there will be 1000 PHOTON's at output. That's what Gain is..              X dB is 10x/10You can verify the same wit…

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Optical Transport Network (OTN):A comprehensive study

Optical Transport Network (OTN) ITU-T Recommendations on the OTN Transport Plane The following table lists all of the known ITU-T Recommendations specifically related to the OTN Transport Plane. Topic Title Publ.* …

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Analog vs Digital Fiber Optic Transmission Comparison

Understanding Synchronization Protection Basics in Transmission Network

Optical Fiber Communications Books Collection...almost all best!!

Some of the interesting facts

1. The English once took it to be an alphabet. The Chinese affectionately term it ‘the little mouse’. The Dutch call it an ‘elephant’s trunk’, the Germans a spider monkey, the Italians as a snail. It is ‘&’ (ampersand). 

2. The inspiration for the brand name Yahoo! Came from a word…

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This term is made from Mobile phone and Biotechnology.As we know that Mobile Phones are the most powerfull tool nowdays.Think if we integrate some of Biometric sensors on mobile phone like sensors that can measure your BP level by touch,narcotics level by your breath as well as sensor that can sense…

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Generating Electricity by utilizing Running traffic on Road

For this we can use piezoelectric transducers that have property to convert pressure or weight into electricity.Either we can introduced that sensors or transducers below road at the time of constructions or we can use peizoelectrical substances or particles at the time of construction or even we ca…

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