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MapYourTech is a technical blogging website created by Sanjay Yadav.It was started as an online notes in form of a blog for his Optical Fiber Communication Technology learnings and later it was realised that it is helping other enthusiasts  to know the basic concepts that are needed for being an Optical Fiber Communication Network Engineer in the telecommunication industry.There are tonnes of books and informations already available in the market consisting of mostly theoretical aspects of optical technology and there are very few enthusiasts who are sharing practical aspects of knowledge based on the experience in Industry . Intent of this website is to help new OFC Network aspirants  and experience professional  to  learn technical concepts, guidance for interviews, helping  to learn automation that is needed for industry and making them achieve success in career.




Author has extensive experience in technical support, customer handling, system engineering ,software testing, building software and tooling with automation ,planning and designing optical network, writing technical articles for companies internal and external blogs for major Optical Industry leader vendors in both terrestrial and submarine optical fiber industry .


He strongly  believe in the concept of “Share and Explore the Tech Inside You!!!



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