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Telecommunication...Most Essential Need of the Time

Today wherever eyes will go we can see influence of digital communication everywhere and yes we are convinced that Telecommunication is among basic amenities which had made human kind life more intelligent and simpler. 

I am a technocratic enthusiast who believes and love to be the part of technology all through my life .It has made my life full of wisdom and conscious.

I started my telecom career as an Optical Fiber Communication Engineer  and still unleashing various technologies involving communication via photons and want myself to be the founder of some of the best telecom technologies.Actually I believe that telecom is the only thing that is reducing distance between our near and dear ones and making us feel the aroma of kindness.

 I am a strong believer of " knowledge sharing "because it is the most appropriate way we can understand others and express our-self and make thing more legible.For the same I have created some of the taglines for my blogs and website i.e "Share The Tech Inside You"and "Expanding Tech Horizon" etc.


I could be contacted on or and appealing from Optical Professional to visit where I post some good contents and definitely Expanding my Tech Horizon.



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